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Immerse yourself in the exquisite taste of Georgian wines with our exclusive wine tasting package. Our package features three exceptional wines, each with its unique flavor and character. You'll get to savor the Rkatsiteli Qvevri amber dry wine, the Saperavi Qvevri red dry wine, and the Saperavi Qvevri dessert wine - Rostwine (fortified wine). We've also included the grape Chacha, a traditional Georgian grape-based spirit that will introduce you to the rich and diverse wine culture of Georgia. Our wines are carefully selected from our vineyards and crafted using traditional winemaking techniques. You'll get to experience the unique taste of Georgian wines, which are known for their bold flavors, full-bodied texture, and exceptional quality. Our wine tasting package is perfect for wine enthusiasts and those seeking to explore the world of Georgian wines. We take pride in providing an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories of Georgian hospitality and wine culture. Book now and savor the taste of Georgia's finest wines!

Rkatsiteli amber dry wine, wine glass150 ml
Saperavi red dry wine, wine glass150 ml
Fortified red wine, glass 50 ml
Chacha Georgian pomace brandy, shot 20 ml
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